DGIP and TikTok Shop Discuss the Enforcement of IP Infringement

Jakarta – The increasingly widespread use of social media platforms, such as TikTok Shop, has become an increasingly popular online shopping trend. However, its popularity also brings new challenges in protecting intellectual property (IP) and preventing the circulation of counterfeit goods.

The incident has come to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights as a government agency in protecting IP in Indonesia in response to the TikTok Shop.

Therefore, DGIP received the TikTok Shop audience to get guidance on IP protection and anticipation of the circulation of counterfeit products sold at the TikTok Shop on 27 July 2023 at the Ex Sentral Mulia Building, Jakarta.

“The circulation of counterfeit goods has caused huge losses to well-known brand owners and also to consumers who end up receiving low-quality products. Partnerships with various e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, including the TikTok Shop, are one step forward in overcoming this problem,” said IP Director of Cooperation and Empowerment Sri Lastami.

“Therefore, we welcome this visit from the TikTok Shop. Awareness as well as various prevention efforts and collaboration with popular digital platforms such as the TikTok Shop is a step forward in efforts to prevent IP infringement and support rights holders to protect their creative works,” Lastami continued.

TikTok Shop, as part of TikTok, allows users to sell their products through the platform. The concept is an attraction for users who want to take advantage of the broad market potential and large user base on TikTok.

Simon Zhou as the Head of Intellectual Property Protection for TikTok Global said that the TikTok Shop already has efforts to protect IP. There is a process for submitting notifications of IP violations. If it is found that there is an IP violation in the TikTok Shop, the platform will take firm action against the IP violators.

“Sellers who are proven to have violated this IP policy in the TikTok Shop will be given enforcement action against their account in accordance with the TikTok Shop Seller Performance Evaluation Policy and the Merchant Terms of Service . Sellers must also note that repeated violations will result in more severe penalties,” said Simon.

“IP owners or their official representatives can submit notifications about IP violations through the TikTok Shop Intellectual Property Protection Center ( IPPC ) or through the TikTok Shop Intellectual Property Rights Report form,” he added.

Therefore, awareness and collaborative efforts between the government and private sectors in protecting intellectual property to improve the security of e-commerce transactions in Indonesia are urgently needed. It is hoped that other e-commerce platforms can also play an active role in eradicating the circulation of counterfeit goods and creating a fair and reliable business environment for all economic actors. (Ver/card)

Source: DGIP

Agus Tri Wibowo, S.H., M.H – Head of Litigation of AMR Partnership

Let’s be wiser and more careful, especially those who like to shop online. The buyer must be careful in buying goods and the seller must sell goods that are not counterfeit, because amid its popularity, Tiktok Shop also brings new challenges in protecting intellectual property (IP) and preventing the circulation of counterfeit goods. The public needs to learn what is copyright, patent, and trademark, why? because intellectual property (IP) protection exists to safeguard consumers’ rights to be comfortable shopping without worrying about counterfeit goods.

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