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Trademark Legal Services

Trademark Legal Services : Challenges in Trademark Protection in the Digital Era

Digital transformation in the era of industrial revolution 4.0 is developing very rapidly. The impact of technological progress is like two sides of a coin, where there is one side that has a positive impact and the other side has the same opportunity to spread a negative impact.

The development of information technology and the internet has changed the way our society lives, works and interacts. Everything is connected more easily and quickly. Talking about protecting Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in this digital era, we are all also faced with new obstacles.

Copyrights, patents, trademarks, industrial designs and trade secrets are examples of IPR. The owners of this intellectual property are protected under the law to obtain their rights. However, it cannot be denied that technological advances have made it easy to seize IPR.

Trademarks can be stolen easily through cybersquatting techniques, the way it works is that a third party registers a trademarked domain name in an effort to make money or even damage the brand’s reputation.

The emergence of E-Commerce platforms has also increased acts of product counterfeiting and the sale of counterfeit goods which has a direct impact on brand owners and customers.

Trademarks themselves are included in intellectual property rights because they are things that differentiate products or services to be unique and different from similar products. These branding elements include recognizable expressions, designs and symbols.

Trademarks can be protected by registered trademarks, manufacturing processes can be protected by patents, and packaging can be protected by copyright and design. These intellectual property rights ensure that companies can safely invest in the brands they develop to reap the benefits.

Now you are increasingly aware that trademark protection is an important thing to do. You can entrust the trademark registration process to reliable trademark legal services. Don’t let yourself reap negative impacts from carelessness in not registering your trademark.

Trademark Legal Services From AMR Partnership

Trademark legal services from AMR Partnership have a deep understanding of the process of obtaining trademark protection in Indonesia. We have handled more than 22,000 applications from various industry sectors and countries. With this extensive experience, we are able to optimize the chances of success in trademark registration.

We will be happy to assist you in protecting your trademark from parties who may challenge your trademark claim. Our team of trademark experts regularly devise strategies and develop quality arguments to protect your trademark.

Trademark Prosecution Procedure : 

  • Instructions
  • Complete the required documents
  • We ordered applications
  • If there is opposition, we will inform you and cooperate in making arguments
  • Your trademark is registered
  • You will receive a trademark registration certificate

Services offered by Trademark Practice Group of AMR Partnership shall include, but not limited to : 

  • Prosecution of trademark registration at the Indonesia IP Office
  • Channelling Indonesian-priority based foreign trademark registration to other Paris Convention member countries
  • Attending to the renewal of trademark rights
  • Recordation of the rights assignment and/ or licensing documents to the Indonesian IP Office
  • Trademark Availability Search, based upon the database of the Indonesian IP Office
  • Legal Opinion on Registrability, Freedom to operate and/ or infringement analysis
  • Drafting/ reviewing trademark licensing/ assignment contract/ clauses
  • Trademark Litigation at Administrative Proceedings as well as commercial, civil and/ pr criminal court

Helping clients obtain protection for their trademarks in Indonesia has been a very important part of the services we provide at AMR since the beginning of the practice. Currently, this is handled by our Trademark practice team consisting of legal experts and support staff supported by a dedicated computer system designed to accurately monitor and alert all stages and deadlines of the application procedure. 

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