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apply trademark in Indonesia

Apply Trademark in Indonesia: Assessing the Effectiveness of Brand Implementation

Trademark is created to distinguish a product from similar products produced by other companies. This trademark is used by an individual or several individuals collectively or by a legal entity to differentiate it from other similar products.

The apply trademark in Indonesia is regulated in Law number 22 of 2016 concerning trademarks and geographical indications. This law regulates the rights of trademark owners, procedures for registering trademarks, and sanctions for trademark rights violators.

These rights include exclusive rights to use, sell, or license related trademarks. Trademark owners also have the right to prohibit others from using similar trademarks to theirs.

Licensing of trademarks to third parties can now be done in Indonesia based on agreements made. The owner as the licensor can grant the right to use the trademark to the licensee either for the whole or part of the goods listed in the licensed trademark. This practice is the same as the use of registered trademarks by the owner or licensor. 

The process of registering the apply trademark in Indonesia includes examination of the feasibility of trademarks, publication of trademark applications, and granting trademark certificates to applicants who have met the requirements.

Each stage of trademark registration must be done carefully and diligently because if there are errors during the registration process, the trademark can be annulled by parties who feel doubtful. Therefore, it is very important to use the services of experienced trademark experts.

Companies must also actively monitor the use of trademarks by others so that when there are others who use the trademark without permission, the company can immediately take legal action.If in the future there is a violation, the trademark owner can file a lawsuit with the Commercial Court. Sanctions obtained by violators include compensation, cessation of production of goods using infringing trademarks, and removal of infringing trademarks from the list of registered trademarks at the DJKI.

Trademarks Become Very Important Assets

It is important to note that in the business world, trademarks become very important assets and must be legally protected so that companies can easily build a good reputation and win competition in the market. Therefore, it is very important for companies to understand trademark laws and then register trademarks to protect their rights.

In conclusion, trademarks are one of the important assets for a company in building reputation. Therefore, companies must fully understand the rights and legal protections applicable to their trademarks while ensuring the proper and effective use of trademarks in their business strategies.

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