You are currently viewing AMR Partnership: Your Trusted IP Law Firm for Patent and Trademark Registration in Indonesia

AMR Partnership: Your Trusted IP Law Firm for Patent and Trademark Registration in Indonesia

Trademark Registration – Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) registration is a requirement for all businesses as it ensures the safeguarding of their trademarks, patents, and industrial designs by the state. In Indonesia, these registrations are governed by Law Number 13 of 2016 concerning Patents and Law Number 20 of 2016 concerning Trademarks and Geographical Indications.

While businesses opt to register IPR independently through the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) across Indonesia or with registered IPR consultants, doing so involves managing all aspects of the process, from meeting requirements to guiding the registration procedure.

However, the process of patent and trademark registration in Indonesia remains complex and time-consuming. If there are insufficient requirements during trademark registration it can lead to rejection, while opposition from other parties can prolong the process.

It’s crucial to note that patents must adhere to specific specifications to secure a filing date, trademark rejection and disputes are  also possible outcomes. To navigate these challenges, businesses rely on trusted and registered intellectual property consultants with the necessary qualifications, knowledge, and experience to prepare patent specifications effectively.

Upon further examination, Indonesia’s patent system draws heavily from Europe’s, while trademark registration demands meeting substantive such as novelty, inventive step, and industrial application, including claims for methods of treatment and living organisms.

AMR Partnership stands as one of Indonesia’s esteemed IP law firms specializing in patent and trademark registration. We offer comprehensive services ranging from initial consultation to application submission and proficient handling of approval procedures. Our legal team boasts diverse expertise, ensuring a thorough understanding of your trademark and patent registration needs.

Furthermore, we also have experts in patent examination within the Directorate General of Intellectual Property. This affords us comprehensive insight into the complexities of patent applications in Indonesia, enabling us to adeptly guide clients through the process of obtaining patent protection for their technological innovations.

As your committed legal service partner, we offer a team of highly dedicated legal professionals with expertise across various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemistry, mining and petroleum, mechanical engineering, and electronics. Supported by a tailored computer system, we ensure diligent monitoring and timely notifications for all stages and deadlines throughout trademark and patent registration procedures.

We offer an extensive range of legal services to support clients in trademark and patent registration, including:

  • Prosecution of patent model and utility application at the Indonesian Patent Office.
  • Facilitation of foreign patent applications based on Indonesian priority to Paris Convention member countries.
  • Prosecution of international patent applications under the PCT, followed by subsequent national stages in over 70 countries.
  • Preparation of patent claims, specifications, and drawings.
  • Recording of transfers or licensing rights at the Indonesian Intellectual Property Office.
  • Conducting Patent Availability Searches utilizing domestic and multinational patent databases.
  • Providing Legal Opinions on Patents, Freedom to Operate, and/or Infringement Analysis.
  • Preparation/Review of Patent License/Contract/Assignment Clauses.
  • Handling Patent Litigation in Administrative, Commercial, Civil, and/or Criminal Courts.

Ensuring the safeguarding of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) holds immense importance, offering creators of intellectual works essential legal assurances. By securing exclusive rights to their creations, creators can leverage them for commercial purposes while safeguarding against unauthorized usage.

Furthermore, IPR protection helps create a fair and competitive environment in the market. With legal protections established, creators can uphold their competitive edge and mitigate the risk of unfair replication or imitation of their works by external parties.

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