Andromeda, B.A., S.H.

Prior to joining AMR PARTNERSHIP, Mr. Andromeda had already been having vast experience in dealing with corporate and commercial legal practices in various fields such as banking, financing, capital market, investment, mergers, acquisition, labor, etc. Having a degree in economics from the University of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., and a degree in laws from Tarumanegara University, Jakarta, Indonesia. With such combination, it would only be natural for him to be able to gain deeper insights upon economic and commercial values of client’s IPR assets while formulating more secure as well as more effective commercialization arrangements.
Andromeda is admitted to practice as both Advocate and IPR Consultant. Currently he serves in the firm as Partner and Special Counsel for Corporate and Commercial Practices, which making him the firm’s key person in dealing with commercial-related matters of IPR such as licensing and transfer of rights.
FIELDS OF EXPERTISE: IPR Commercial Practices