Outstanding Patent Annuities

Outstanding Patent Annuities The Indonesia Patent Office (IPO) is socializing the enforcement of Law No. 14/2001 on Patents especially provisions rrelating to unpaid annuity and patent abandonment. The provision at issue is Article 115(1) of the Indonesian Patent Law No. 14/2001, which states that if a patent holder does not pay the required annuity fees […]

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Indonesia Clean Mall Award 2015

Indonesia Clean Mall Award 2015 The Indonesian Directorate General of IPR, alongside with the Indonesian Anti-Counterfeiting Community (MIAP) and the Indonesian Shopping Centres Association (APPBI) had recently launched the “Indonesia Clean Mall Award 2015”, a program which aims at socializing and educating consumers of their rights to original and good quality products. The program is […]

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Introduction to some of the new Indonesian Copyright Law Provisions In response to the country’s effort to boost its creative economy, a new set of copyright provisions have been pushed to support the optimal protection and development of all aspects conferred by the rights. The new Bill on Copyright was recently passed by the Indonesian […]

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