DKI Jakarta's Initial Fight against Piracy and Counterfeits

Another step forward, a promising start for DKI Jakarta, under the leadership of the new Governor, Mr. Joko Widodo.

      In order to enforce IP protection within the capital, the Governor has recently issued a Governor Appeal, or locally known as “Seruan Gubernur”, No. 9 of 2013 regarding the Protection of Intellectual Property Rights against Goods available/being sold in Malls/Super Malls/Plaza and Trade Centers. The issue of IPR, and moreover, enforcement efforts, were never raised under the previous local government in the capital.

      The appeal is issued to address malls/super malls/plaza and trade centers managements and encourage them to declare that their environment is free from any activities that relate to the selling of pirated or counterfeit goods and undertake the following actions:

    Stop any activity, which involve the selling of goods that infringe the rights to a Mark and/or Copyright based on the applicable laws and regulations; and

    Monitor all goods being sold/made available at their managed locations and to ensure their compliance with the applicable laws and regulations regarding Marks and Copyrights, in cooperation with the authorized agency/body.

      This appeal was issued following an Audience session held between the Deputy Governor, DGIPR and a number of representations from relevant associations, such as the Recording Industry Association of Indonesia (ASIRI), Motion Picture Association (MPA), Indonesian Society against Counterfeiting (MIAP), Recording Media Association of Indonesia (AMRI), IPR Consultant Association (AKHKI), etc. on July 18, 2013.

      The audience session has drawn the commitment of all parties to support and coordinate in joint efforts to make the capital clean and free from pirated and counterfeit goods. And in support of this, the local government will tolerate the dissemination and display of posters of any kind by the DGIPR or any other related agencies, containing encouragement to not sell or purchase pirated goods of any kind, either in malls or markets that are under the management of the local government.

      More importantly, in line with one of their many missions to make DKI Jakarta a safe and business environment for business, the local government has also agreed to initiate the drafting of a local legal instrument which can be applied as frameworks for the local government to immediately act upon pirated and counterfeit goods-related activities.

      Investors and IP observers, nation- and worldwide are always keen on observing the effectiveness of IPR protection in Indonesia and DKI Jakarta, as the capital, is currently the barometer in doing so.

    This approach may not be perceived much, but for now, while waiting for the right protection strategy to be formulated and eventually be implemented, hopes are high that this is more effective to practice as it applies to parties and locations that are directly related to, if not dealing with, the trading of pirated and counterfeit goods. It is clearly a positive indication that the government, with support from law enforcers, is doing its best, one step at a time, to turn the trend around.