Indonesia Clean Mall Award 2015

The Indonesian Directorate General of IPR, alongside with the Indonesian Anti-Counterfeiting Community (MIAP) and the Indonesian Shopping Centres Association (APPBI) had recently launched the “Indonesia Clean Mall Award 2015”, a program which aims at socializing and educating consumers of their rights to original and good quality products.

The program is expected to increase the awareness and sensitivity of shopping centres management of IPR protection and that they are liable for the maximum supervision of their tenants or future tenants.

Evaluation process in “Indonesia Clean Mall Award 2015” is based on both legal and social aspects.

Legal aspects include availability of regulations urging and preventing main and sub-tenants to sell or distribute counterfeit products; while social aspects focus on campaign strategies in terms of promoting original products (“Peduli Asli”) to consumers and or their tenants or sub-tenants, the implementation of such campaigns through social media during the monitoring period of “Indonesia Clean Mall Award 2015”, continuation of their “anti-counterfeits” appeal and socialization programs; and relevant visual signages on the promotion of original products (“Peduli Asli”).

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