Amalia Rosseno, Dra., SH.

Partners & Counsel Amalia Rosseno, Dra., SH. Belinda Rosalina, Dr., S.H, LL.M. Andromeda, B.A., S.H. Dr. Ir. Bambang Priyono, MT. Amalia Rosseno, Dra., SH. With more than 40 years of experience, Mrs. Roosseno – the founding partner and principal of the firm, is undeniably one of the most senior and well-respected IPR practitioners in Indonesia. Holding two degrees in Economics and Law, both obtained from the University of Indonesia, Mrs.Roosseno is also admitted to practice as an IPR Consultant as well as an Advocate, for which she is well-known with her expertise in litigating and negotiating.  Mrs. Roosseno found the firm in 1986 as AMROOS Law Consultant after leaving her position as head of Trademark Division at Biro Oktroi Roosseno, which was established by her father, the late Prof. Dr. Roosseno. Ever since, she has always been the prominent figure in guiding the firm through years of growth and development up to its present stature as one of the leading intellectual property boutique firms in the country.  Presently, while her vision for the future of the firm has allowed her to put larger trust upon the hands of young professionals, her persistence for excellence still keeps her directly involved at some of the firm’s legal practices, especially in the field of trademark litigation.  FIELDS OF EXPERTISE: IPR Litigation, TrademarksCONTACT HERDOWNLOAD vCARD  

Belinda Rosalina, Dr., S.H, LL.M.

Partners & Counsel Amalia Rosseno, Dra., SH. Belinda Rosalina, Dr., S.H, LL.M. Andromeda, B.A., S.H. Dr. Ir. Bambang Priyono, MT. Belinda Rosalina, Dr., S.H, LL.M. As distinct as the fields of Laws and Arts can be, it seems that Belinda has found enjoyment in the pursuit of both. A refined painter in her own right, Ms. Rosalina is also admitted to practice as an Advocate as well as an IPR and Plant Variety Consultant, and it goes without saying that her own passion for artistic creation shall only add to the fuel of her passion for protecting intellectual assets of others. Belinda was graduated from the Faculty of Laws, University of Indonesia, before she went on to obtain her LL.M. from the University of Melbourne, Australia. She has recently finished her Ph.D. from the University of Indonesia by succesfully defending her dissertation on the subject of copyright protection for architectural works, the first doctoral thesis by an Indonesian to address both fields of laws and architecture. Belinda is now active at AMR PARTNERSHIP as Partner and Special Counsel for Copyrights. FIELDS OF EXPERTISE: Copyrights, Plant Variety Rights CONTACT HER DOWNLOAD vCARD

Andromeda, B.A., S.H.

Partners & Counsel Amalia Rosseno, Dra., SH. Belinda Rosalina, Dr., S.H, LL.M. Andromeda, B.A., S.H. Dr. Ir. Bambang Priyono, MT. Andromeda, B.A., S.H. Prior to joining AMR PARTNERSHIP, Mr. Andromeda had already been having vast experience in dealing with corporate and commercial legal practices in various fields such as banking, financing, capital market, investment, mergers, acquisition, labor, etc. Having a degree in economics from the University of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., and a degree in laws from Tarumanegara University, Jakarta, Indonesia. With such combination, it would only be natural for him to be able to gain deeper insights upon economic and commercial values of client’s IPR assets while formulating more secure as well as more effective commercialization arrangements. Andromeda is admitted to practice as both Advocate and IPR Consultant. Currently he serves in the firm as Partner and Special Counsel for Corporate and Commercial Practices, which making him the firm’s key person in dealing with commercial-related matters of IPR such as licensing and transfer of rights. FIELDS OF EXPERTISE: IPR Commercial Practices CONTACT HIM DOWNLOAD vCARD

Dr. Ir. Bambang Priyono, MT.

Partners & Counsel Amalia Rosseno, Dra., SH. Belinda Rosalina, Dr., S.H, LL.M. Andromeda, B.A., S.H. Dr. Ir. Bambang Priyono, MT. Dr. Ir. Bambang Priyono, MT. Partner Bambang Priyono, born in 1966, is a partner and Senior COUNSEL. Profile: Mr. Priyono is one of the most experienced as well as the highest-qualified patent practitioners of the firm as he has been handling patent affairs at AMR since 1996, with expertise in patents which particularly relate to mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical and bio technical inventions. He also devotes a significant part of his practice to negotiation and drafting license agreement in a wide variety of areas of technology. Bambang has a bachelor degree in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Indonesia and an M.Sc. in Catalyst Materials from the same university through a program with researches done at Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.A. He also enjoyed tenure as research student at Metallic Material Branch of the National Aeronautic & Space Administration (NASA) in Langley, Virginia, USA. Bambang is one of the Partners at AMR PARTNERSHIP and was the firm’s Head of Patent Division until 2010, and was afterward appointed to his current post as Special Counsel for Patents. Aside from his activities at the firm, he also lectures in his Alma-mater, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Indonesia, and now is still holding the position of Vice President in the Indonesian Group of AIPPI. Recently, Bambang has just earned his PhD degree from the University of Indonesia with outstanding results. His research field focused on high performance Lithium-ion Battery using Lithium Titanate as the anode material. Bambang is one of the important key players in AMR, his role is particularly significant in developing and strengthening the Patent Division of our firm. He is known for his bright ideas and ways of finding solutions to our Clients’ problems. Having maintained good relations with the Indonesian Patent Office as well as with other Agencies and Institutions, he makes sure that our firm is well updated and informed of any development in the field of Intellectual Property, either nationally or internationally. In the past, Bambang had achievements of undertaking of various patents, among others, in representing a UK company countering opposition filed by a US company in respect of Security Printing Patentcounseling and providing the infringement analysis of the petrochemical/catalyst patents of Malaysian Companycounseling an Indonesian company in respect of patent infringement of Metallurgical Patent in Welding technologyrepresenting a Japanese company filing an opposition against Japanese patent applicant in respect of Mechanical Patent in Roller blade technologyproviding second expert opinion representing Japanese company in respect of infringement of Mechanical patent in decompression of motorcycle engine against Chinese motorcycle companiesappeal case on behalf of a Korean company in respect of Mechanical patent in two stroke engineprosecuting patent applications in respect of pharmaceutical patent in the USA, Europe and JapanEducation and Qualifications: Researcher to National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) 1985, Virginia USAB.Sc (Metallurgical Engineering) 1989, University of IndonesiaM.Sc (Cum laude) (Gas and Petrochemical Engineering) 1995, University of IndonesiaIntellectual Property Course, 1996, Tokyo, JapanIndonesian Leading Individual in Intellectual Property 2003, JakartaDoctor (Metallurgical and Materials Engineering), 2017, University of Indonesia.Professional Activities: Patent Committee of the Asian PatentMember of Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA) from 1999Member of ASEAN IPA from 2000Member of AIPPI since 2004.  FIELDS OF EXPERTISE: Patents; Mechanical Engineering; MetallurgyCONTACT HIMDOWNLOAD vCARD