Recognition as 2013 Indonesia Patent Firm of the Year by Asia IP

After months of research, on October 18, 2013, Asia IP has finally revealed the best trademark, patent and copyright practices in Asia. The research was done by Asia IP, by turning to in-house counsels and let them choose the top firms in each jurisdictions that they have entrusted to handle their cases. No specific criteria were applied in the nomination, and the In-house counsel were free to nominate using the criteria they wished.

      AMR Partnership is delighted to announce the recognition of our firm as 2013 Indonesia Patent Firm of the Year by Asia IP. Assisting Clients in securing patent protection for their technological inventions in Indonesia has been the backbone of AMR services since the very beginning of our practice. We have an established Patent Practice Group supported by professional legal specialists and technical experts from many different backgrounds.

      Following the success of our Patent Group, we have also been shortlisted for 2013 Indonesia Trademark and Copyright Firm of the Year. Trademarks has actually been the most significant part of AMR services. Our Trademark services are offered in such a broad spectrum from as early as pre-registration search, registration process, and up to enforcement efforts through either court/ out of-court litigation, depending on the interests of each client, on a case per case basis, without departing from the applicable laws and regulations. Our goal is to provide clients with commercial solutions in conjunction with valid legal standings.

      At AMR, we value cooperation, either amongst firms, or professionals and we shall always have our doors open to anyone, who wishes to learn and know more about the general IPR legal system in Indonesia or perhaps about the specific practices at AMR. Our commitment is to always provide the best of our services to our clients, and with utmost integrity, credibility and accountability.