Plant Variety Protection

Plant Variety Protection (PVP) Rights, equal to what is known in some countries as Plant Breeder’s Rights, is among the new regimes of IPR introduced to Indonesia in 2000 following the country’s joining to TRIPS. The rights are administered by the PVP Office of the Ministry of Agriculture instead of the Indonesian IP Office. While Indonesia is yet to join the UPOV, proceedings and the protection threshold applied by the PVP Office follow closely those of the international standards, with Novelty, Distinctiveness, Uniformity and Stability being the absolute condition for registrability.

Services offered by the AMR Partnership related to PVP Rights shall include, but not limited to :

  • PVP Rights Litigation at Administrative Proceedings as well as Commercial, Civil and or Criminal Court
  • Drafting/Reviewing PVP Rights Licensing/ Assignment Contract/Clauses;
  • Legal Opinion on Registrability, Freedom-to- Operate, and/or Infringement Analysis;
  • PVP Availability Search, based upon the PVP Office database;
  • Recordation of the assignment or licensing of the rights at the Indonesian PVP Office;
  • Attending to the annual maintenance/annuity fees payment of Indonesian PVP Rights;
  • Prosecution of PVP Rights application at the PVP Office;