Our trademark specialists are well aware of the process flow for securing trademark protection in Indonesia. We have handled more than 22,000 applications from various industries in numerous countries. With this in-depth experience, we can maximize the chances of a successful trademark application.

It is our pleasure to assist you in protecting your trademark from those who are opposing or opposing competitors’ trademark prosecution. In this case, our trademark specialists can regularly strategize and make quality arguments to protect your trademark.

Trademark Prosecution Procedure:

  1. Follow the Provided Instructions
  2. Completion of Documents Accurately
  3. Application Processing
  4. In case there is opposition, we will promptly notify you and work together on formulating counterarguments.
  5. Once registration succeeds, you will be notified.
  6. You will receive your trademark registration certificate upon completion.

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Assisting clients in securing protection for their trade and service marks Indonesia has been the most significant part of AMR services in terms of work volume ever since the very beginning of our practice, which is now performed by our Trademark Practice Group consisting of professional legal specialists and paralegals, and supported as well by a specifically customized computer system operated to perform reliable and accurate monitoring and reminder system to all phases and deadlines of the application procedures.

Services offered by the Trademark Practice Group of AMR Partnership shall include, but not limited to :

  • Prosecution of trademark registration at the Indonesian IP Office
  • Channeling Indonesian-priority based foreign trademark registration to other Paris Convention member countries;
  • Attending to the renewal of trademark rights;
  • Recordation of the rights assignment and/ or licensing documents to the Indonesian IP Office;
  • Trademark Availability Search, based upon the database of the Indonesian IP Office;