Patent protection in Indonesia can be traced back to the mid 50s when the then Indonesian government allowed for any aspiring applicants to deposit the filing of their inventions pending for a national patent law that eventually came into existence for the first time in 1989. With several amendments occurred up to the present Patent Law of 2001, there have been at least two major leaps for the Indonesian patent system, first when Indonesia joined the WTO in 1992 and secondly when the PCT was joined in 1997.

Basically, the Indonesia patent system borrows significantly from that of the European’s. Substantive requirements for patentability are Novelty, Inventive Steps and Industrial Applicability. Business methods and computer softwares are, among others, exempt from patentability, as well as claims on methods of treatment and living organism. Patent protection is for a non-extendible 20 years period from the Filing Date.

Assisting clients in securing patent protection for their technological inventions Indonesia has been the backbone of AMR services ever since the very beginning of our practice, which is now performed by our Patent Practice Group consisting of professional legal specialists and paralegals along with with a team of technical experts covering the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemical, mining & petroleum, mechanical engineering and electronics; supported as well by a specifically customized computer system operated to perform reliable and accurate monitoring and reminder system to all phases and deadlines of the application procedures.

Services offered by the Patent Practice Group of AMR Partnership shall include, but not limited to:

  1. Prosecution of patent and utility models application at the Indonesian Patent Office.
  2. Channelling Indonesian-priority based foreign patent application to Paris Convention member-countries.
  3. Prosecution of international patent applications at the PCT, and channelling the subsequent national phases entry to more than 70 countries.
  4. Drafting Patent claims, specification and drawings.
  5. Translation of Patent documents to the Indonesian language as mandatorily required, either from English, or from other foreign language text such as German or Japanese to Indonesian in no-urgent basis.
  6. Attending to the annual maintenance/annuity fees payment of Indonesian patents.
  7. Recordation of the assignment or licensing of the rights at the Indonesian IP Office.
  8. Patent Availability Search, based upon domestic and multinational patent databases.
  9. Legal Opinion on Patentability, Freedom-to-Operate, and/or Infringement Analysis.
  10. Drafting/Reviewing Patent Licensing/Assignment Contract/Clauses.
  11. Trademark Litigation at Administrative Proceedings as well as Commercial, Civil and/or Criminal Court




KEY PERSON: Bambang Priyono