Doing Business

With around 240 Million of population and GDP’s reaching US$ 550 billion in 2009, one could hardly disregard the tempting potential of Indonesia as a place to go for business investments. Steady positive growth of the economy in recent years – sound 4,5% in 2009 amidst the global financial crisis – may only strengthen the point. A home to a mega-biodiversity second only to Brazil, the country is abundant in natural resources. To mention some, Indonesia is currently the largest exporter of palm oil and the second largest for thermal coal, as well as being the world’s second largest producers of tin and cocoa. With over 50% of the population being under 29 years old, the country could also boast huge and strategic pools of labor force with cost that is still relatively low in urban centers.

In line with the ongoing efforts in economic reforms by the Indonesian government, a new investment law was enacted in 2007, which provide to all investors – domestic and foreign alike – much more equal treatment along with further simplified as well as streamlined procedures for obtaining investment and business licenses. With so much to offer, indeed investing in Indonesia is a hard-to-miss opportunity. In this regard, the Commercial Practice Group of AMR PARTNERSHIP would be more than pleased to provide you with legal services as required for your investment plan in Indonesia.

Source: Indonesian Investment Coordinating Agency