IPR Laws in Indonesian

In 1994 Indonesia decided to join the WTO and the following years thus saw the country’s series of reforms on the then existing IPR laws and system. Amendments were passed in 1997 upon Patent Law of 1989, Trademark Law of 1992 and Copyright Law of 1982, respectively in order to comply with the TRIPs standards.

In 1997 the Indonesian government moved on to join the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), thus enabling PCT applications to enter the national phase in Indonesia while at the same provides a more relaxed timeline for domestic applicants to file their patent in various countries.

In 2000, a set of laws was enacted to introduce for the first time a number of IPR regimes in Indonesia: Plant Variety Rights,Trade Secrets, Industrial Designs, and Integrated Circuit Layout Designs.The 1989 Patent Law and the 1992 Trademark Law were then replaced altogether by new laws on Patent and Trademark respectively in 2001, followed finally by the new Copyright Law of 2002.

A long-awaited implementing regulation for Geographical Indication under the 2001 Trademark Law finally arrived in 2007.

Since, then, the Copyright Law has been amended and the new Law has came into effect in 2014, followed by the amendment and issuance of the new Patent Law as well as Trademark and Geographical Indication Law in 2016.